How It All Begin

If you’re struggling to find the time to manage every aspect of your email marketing strategy, you’re not alone. Finding the time to plan, produce and maintain email campaigns can be difficult for many businesses. Thankfully, M4YOUis here to help.

Who We Are

At M4YOU, we have an expert in-house team who can help you develop, build and maintain a results-driven email marketing campaign, leaving you free to work on the bigger picture. Our experience of working within many different market sectors and with companies big and small means we can tailor a managed campaign package to meet your exact requirements and budget.

What We Do

Email marketing is about one thing – results. As part of the managed service, we will setup and generate reports for you, explaining their constituent elements so you can see how each of your campaigns are performing. We’ll show you the ongoing behavioral trends of your subscribers and suggest potential retargeting based on what they do.

Why We Do It

It would be unfair to suggest that starting from scratch with an email marketing campaign is easy. It requires time, dedication, experience and, perhaps most importantly of all, a trusted platform. Our commitment to maintaining constructive and positive relationships with internet service providers means you can lean on an email marketing infrastructure that is tried and tested, robust and highly trusted, ensuring the best deliverability rates for your emails.